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Auction Fасtоrу іѕ thе рrеmіеr аuсtіоn dеѕtіnаtіоn for buуеrѕ аnd sellers of restaurants, pizzerias, and many other commercial enterprises. Among the wide array of operations we serve, Auction Factory also specializes in deli equipment auctions as well as commercial refrigerator auctions. Feel free to have a look at the current auctions section of our site to see a sample of items we regularly work with.

While delis are quite popular in many places here on the East Coast, they, unfortunately, also have a rather high closure rate. For many, the process of closing the doors for good on their deli operation can be complicated and stressful, especially because of the logistics that are often required for getting rid of all your old equipment.

Deli Equipment Auction
Deli Equipment and Supplies

Auction Factory is a premium auction company with many years of experience with deli equipment auctions and can help you unload your equipment smoothly and quickly. Our team purchases all of your equipment in one go and at a fair price, and frequently holds deli equipment auctions for the following items:

  • Commercial Refrigerators. Due to how useful and commonly found they are in a variety of settings, Auction Factory often holds commercial refrigerator auctions for interested parties running all kinds of businesses and operations
  • Condiment and Topping Supplies. These are also frequently sought after by bidders from a range of industries, including everything from motels to schools. Condiment and topping supplies include items such as squeeze bottles, holding trays, small holding cabinets, and condiments racks for salt, sugar, and straws.
  • Cooking and Holding Equipment. This can include small pizza and bagel ovens, heating trays for sandwiches as well as foods like soups, pasta, dips, coleslaw, and more.
  • Food Prep Equipment. Popular at deli equipment auctions, food prep equipment can include an array of items such as electric meat slicers, juicers, blenders, waffle irons, hand-held blenders, meat grinders, soda machines, and timers.
  • Food Prep Hand Tools. This includes a whole range of tools that are common in nearly all restaurants, such as tongs, spatulas, ladles, bottle openers, rolling pins, measuring cups, and cutting boards.
  • Refrigeration and Storage Supplies. Another common sight at deli equipment auctions, this includes (in addition to commercial refrigerators) items such as small coolers, ice containers, and storeroom supplies for organization.
  • Sandwich Shop Disposables. If you have leftover supplies of disposables cups, drink lids, to-go boxes, disposable trays, or even basic supplies such as plastic sandwich wrap and paper plates, our auction experts can take them off your hands.
  • Tabletop Serving Supplies. Includes items such as napkin holders, countertop bells, drink coasters, and placemats for eating.


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