Restaurant Equipment Auctions

Restaurant Equipment Auctions

Are you selling or closing your restaurant? This is a daunting process, and many steps have to take place before your hands are clean of your former business. One of the biggest tasks that one needs to do when they’re closing their restaurant is getting rid of the equipment that facilitated the internal processings — friers, soda machines, grills — you name it. All of these things need to go, but how?

Here at Auction Factory, we’ve been assisting and hosting restaurant equipment liquidation auctions for many years. With our help, you can make the most out of the equipment you have with our expertly implemented restaurant equipment liquidations. We’ll perform audits on your equipment and give you a rough estimate of what you could take home from the auction block. Of course, our estimates aren’t guaranteed, and you do have the opportunity to make much more.

Our Restaurant Equipment Liquidations

We’ve been consistently ranked as one of the top ten restaurant equipment liquidation companies in the country. Gaining this recognition was not only because of our ability to host auctions like these but also because of the dedication our company has put into specializing in selling your surplus restaurant equipment and supplies in a way that can help you get the greatest return. We have experience in auctioning a wide range of restaurant equipment, including:

  • Bakery & Pastry Supplies
  • Bar Cleaning & Organizing
  • Bar Equipment
  • Bar Glassware
  • Bar Refrigerators
  • Bar Utensils & Tools
  • Beverage Equipment
  • Beverage Service Supplies
  • Chef Wear
  • Commercial Food Storage Equipment
  • Concession Equipment
  • Concession Trailer
  • Containers & Dispensers
  • Cooking Equipment
  • Cookware
  • Dish Washing Equipment
  • Food Truck
  • Food Holding & Warming Equipment
  • Food Prep Equipment
  • Food Safety & Protection Supplies
  • Ice Machines
  • Kitchen Dispensers
  • Kitchen Hand Tools
  • Knives & Cutlery
  • Pizza Equipment
  • Prep Tables & Sinks
  • Refrigerators & Freezers
  • Sanitation & Maintenance Supplies
  • Scales, Timers & Thermometers
  • Signage
  • Storage & Transport Equipment


Restaurant Equipment Liquidations
Restaurant Equipment and Supplies

Our Restaurant Equipment Auctions Difference

The difference when you work with Auction Factory for your next auction is the marketing we do to get the right people to your auction at the right time. If the bidders are uninterested in the products you have to offer, there is less of a chance to get a higher price or better return during your restaurant equipment liquidations. We try to spark interest from people within the industry so that your auction can garner more attention, and, ultimately, deliver you more money.

While all of the products go through the same process when they reach the auction block, making sure that the right people see your auction at the right time can help you sell your goods at higher prices consistently.

Do Your Restaurant Equipment Liquidations With Us!

At Auction Factory, we have carried out thousands of auctions that include concession trailers, pizza equipment, and food trucks, as well as concession equipment auctions. Over the years, we’ve built fantastic relationships with our clients and bidders. If you want us to perform your restaurant equipment liquidations for your surplus of personal or business restaurant equipment and supplies, we are ready to help you find an interested buyer!

To get started today, call us at 888-570-1153 or fill out our contact form.