Surpluses Equipment Auctions

Surplus Equipment Auctions

Imagine this: You’re walking around your business. It’s late in the afternoon, and things are busy — everyone is working, but you notice that the equipment you have isn’t all being utilized. In fact, this equipment is almost never utilized. It just sits there, takes up space, and minimizes the area you can perform business operations. Not great, right? So what if you could do something about that? You can start with our surplus equipment auctions.

What is Surplus Equipment?

Surplus equipment can come in many forms. While it can just be equipment that is unused, the source of your surplus equipment can stem from a few actions including:

  • Business Downsizing Procedures
  • Inventory Reduction Processes
  • Employee Workspace Necessity

The most common of these procedures is downsizing. Many businesses find that after they begin, their business’ area becomes too large for the size of their operation. In this situation, many business owners decide to move to a smaller space and reduce the size of their excess inventory. In other cases, if a company is growing, they may take an influx of employees. In this circumstance, excess inventory, such as old desks, chairs, or tables can be taking up space where new employees could be working.

While both of these situations are very opposite, they both have the same result: each has excess equipment. So what can they do to reduce their inventory? Sell it at an auction. That’s where we come in.

How Can We Help?

At Auction Factory, we are a total solution for businesses owners who are downsizing or looking for inventory reduction services. Not only will we host the auction and aim for the highest price for your equipment, but we’ll also help with the loading and unloading procedures associated with bringing your excess inventory to auction. Why do we do this?

When there are many contractors involved in the auction process, it’s easy for goods to get misplaced or stolen. By reducing the number of people involved in your auction process and only hiring us, you’re eliminating the risks associated with multiple contractors. It also just helps us do our job more efficiently.


Consolidation Auctions
Surplus Equipment Auction Franchises

Our Consolidation Auctions

We host consolidation auctions all the time. Because of the nature of these auctions, much of the goods that are being sold are large and industrial — not to mention heavy. While it is typical for buyers to spearhead the equipment removal process after auction, getting the help of our team members, who are licensed and insured to dismantle, disconnect, pack, and move newly acquired goods, can help with that process. We’ll even provide an estimate for the cost to complete these tasks so that you’ll have a better idea of how much you’ll net at auction.

Sell With Us

If you’re looking for a company to host your consolidation auctions, look no further! Auction Factory has the experience and expertise to help you get rid of your excess inventory. We’re always hosting auctions. In fact, you can check out a list of our current auctions now.


We’ve hosted thousands of auctions over the years, resulting in many long-lasting relationships with people we’ve met at auction. If you want to downsize or get rid of excess equipment, call us today at 888-570-1153 or fill out a contact form! We’re excited to help you sell.