Tanning Equipment Auctions Brooklyn OH, Cleveland OH, Hesperia CA

Tanning Equipment Auctions


Auction Factory is a leading handler in a wide array of tanning equipment up for auction sales. Our tanning equipment auctions feature an excellent collection of ultramodern, quality and durable tanning equipment obtained from liquidation and closure of existing businesses. Our catalogue boasts of a plethora of brands that are renowned in the tanning machinery line, all coming in at affordable prices with amazing benefits to the end user.

At Auction Factory, we understand the emerging need to reduce cost of start-up or expansion in the tanning and beauty sector, and as such, we continually update our stock and make qualitative machinery and tanning equipment available to the public who are interested in buying at auctions for either private and public uses.

With multiple years of experience in handling auctions, you will find our service and processes thoroughly refined to suit varying price tags while conveying excellent value for buyers who are interested in our tanning equipment. Find opportunities for expensive tanning equipment, tanning sprays, beds, mobile travel kits, booths, goggles, lotions, lamps and much more at unbelievable prices and exemplary value.

Our auction systems have been well structured to be orderly, accurate, detailed, transparent and free to ensure that the competition is balanced and fair to all participants. We have collected and obtained a wide array of equipment that will be on display for interested bidders to make their selection from. To ensure that we continually meet the demands of all our prospective bidders, we ensure that we update our inventory every 24 hours, so if you check for an item and can’t find it, be sure to look again in the next 24 hours. Our online bidding system is structured to be highly accessible and flexible to all visitors and since the bidding system is free, payments for purchased auctions are possible through any of the accepted means of payment listed on our website.

Our tanning equipment auctions are excellent for those looking to have an indoor equipment in their private space as well as business owners who will be looking to sell off their older equipment and still make some money when investing in more effective models that we have on auction.

Auction Factory’s tanning equipment auctions cover prospective bidders and interested buyers living or around Brooklyn, Sapulpa, Sugar grove, Olive branch, Pellion, Van Buren and Hesperia. We have Tanning equipment auctions Cleveland OH, Tanning equipment auctions Brooklyn OH, Tanning equipment auctions Hesperia OH, Tanning equipment auctions Sugar Grove IL, Tanning equipment auctions Sapulpa OK, Tanning equipment auctions Olive Branch MS, Tanning equipment auctions Van Buren AR and Tanning equipment auctions Pellion SC. 

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