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When you’re thinking, “I need to sell my restaurant quick,” Auction Factory is your go-to auctioneer to help you get the best return on your equipment. Our tested methods of both purchasing and disposing of equipment through equipment auctions will help you to ensure that your assets deliver the best return to you. With many years of auction-industry experience, Auction Factory has established a reputation for a high-quality, reliable service for buyers and sellers alike. We specialize in auctions for a range of industries, including:

Your Expert Team of Auctioneers

Years of experience and a firmly-established, expansive network has given us a wealth of knowledge in successfully identifying the requirements of our customers. We ensure that sale proceeds are maximized, and the auction process is conducted efficiently.

When you’re hiring an auctioneer, especially when you’re thinking, “I need to sell my restaurant,” you need a team that is working for you. Our inventory teams consist of engineers and values that can either provide a complete inventory service or simply verify your current inventory. We will deliver condition reports on equipment, useful life, and current values. We frequently conduct reporting and analyses in this capacity, along with making recommendations while remaining available for more robust consultations with project groups.

Your Total Solution

While auctions are generally conducted with a great amount of nuance, moving purchased equipment is quite straightforward. However, in many cases, equipment is located at a client’s premises, which can cause many removal challenges that include site or building access, or health and safety concerns.

Many buyers instruct their chosen contractor to dismantle, pack, and transport their equipment but are faced with the trouble associated with coordinating multiple contractors on site simultaneously. The increased number of contractors operating on a site poses risks of theft, accidents, and health or safety policy infringements. Avoid the risks of hiring multiple contractors and save money when you use our auction management services. We’ll manage all of the unloading and loading of equipment from various transports, eliminating your risk.

Hiring an Auctioneer: Why Choose Us?

  • We offer a professional and personalized service.
  • You are in the best of hands with whatever your equipment needs.
  • We always have your best interests at heart.
  • You can rely on our experience and expertise to negotiate the best price possible.

Why Choose Auction Marketing?

  • You don’t want to sell your property for less than it is worth.
  • You have commitments.
  • You have goals.
  • You have time constraints.
  • You have property you no longer need.
  • You have assets but would prefer cash.

Our Machinery Removal Service For Buyers

When purchasing at auction, it’s typical for the buyer to take responsibility for the dismantling and removal of machinery that they purchased. We can help you to remove your machinery around the United States. We have a team of machine removal experts that are qualified and insured to disconnect, dismantle, pack, and transport your assets. We can take them to their final destination or a port of your choice.

Want an estimate? We are happy to provide you with one before a sale, helping you bid competitively at the auction, safe in the knowledge that your transport costs will be within budget.

Sell my Restaurant
Sell With Us

How Can I Sell My Restaurant?

If you want to sell your restaurant and you want it to be quick, then choose Auction Factory. We offer comprehensive auctioneering services for sellers as well as buyers. Curious about the auctions we have going on right now? Check out our current auctions page. To learn more about us, continue browsing our site or fill out a contact form!

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