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For centuries, bars have been one of the oldest industries in the world, with some bars dating back to the 10th century. This industry is one that may never go out of business. With the oldest establishment in America an astounding one-hundred years older than the country itself, it’s safe to say we as a people love having a drink or two from time to time.

Anyone who owns a bar is well aware of how expensive it can be. Not even including inventory, the equipment needed to keep your bar running can be costly. That’s why we here at Auction Factory are proud to help deliver quality pieces of equipment to bar, pub and saloon owners all across the country. Our bar equipment auctions have been able to help both businesses that are closing up and businesses looking to replace or improve their current equipment. If you’re interested in checking out what we have to offer, feel free to browse our current auctions anytime on our website.


Great for Business

Many people often overlook the difficulty of keeping a bar running and in the black. Having to juggle inventory, workers and the equipment needed to keep the lights on, bar owners understand how much work it takes in order for their patrons to have a good time every weekend. For many years, bar owners have turned to us to improve their equipment. From cold tubs and bar stools to back bar equipment and glassware, when businesses are looking to unload everything, they turn to us at Auction Factory.

Our online auctions allow business owners to browse equipment from all types of industries. With auctions for hotel supplies and equipment, deli supplies and restaurant goods, all types of business owners or managers can improve their business with our help.


Bar Equipment Auction
Beverage Bar Equipment and Supplies


Why Choose Auction Factory

While many business owners may already have a reliable supplier for equipment in their industry, you may be asking yourself, why should I choose Auction Factory? There are many different reasons bar owners should be interested in our bar equipment auctions. Here are just a few of the reasons you should choose us.


We Sell It All

Since we work hand-in-hand with owners that are looking to sell their business and get rid of everything as well as managers looking to unload their used equipment, we are able to sell just about everything needed in a specific industry. Some of our most common items sold include:

  • Back Bar Equipment
  • Bar Glassware
  • Bar Rails
  • Bar Stools
  • Bar Supplies and Accessories
  • Beverage Dispensers
  • Beverage Glass Chillers
  • Corkscrews and Bottle Openers
  • Glassware Display Racks
  • Under Bar Equipment
  • Wine Racks and Dispensers
  • Wine Refrigerators


Comfort and Ease

All of our auctions are conducted online so you can browse for products from the comfort of your home or office. After the completion of the auction, we take care of the shipping and delivery. We also work together with the sellers to properly appraise the items in order to determine the right market value of equipment being auctioned.


Interested parties can see a full list of our current bar equipment auctions on our website anytime that they are looking to upgrade their equipment. To learn more, please call 888-570-1153 or contact us online today.