Ice Cream Equipment Auctions

Get the Most Bang for Your Buck With Ice Cream Equipment Auctions

Auction Factory is the premier auction destination for ice cream shop company owners looking to maximize profits through liquidation of their surplus of commercial ice cream and frozen yogurt equipment and supplies.

We can turn your assets into cash in 48 hours or less when you trade in any of the following items to our auction specialists today! Items can include:

  • Beverage Service Equipment
  • Commercial Ice Cream Freezers
  • Cones, Toppings and Syrups
  • Ice Cream Dispensers
  • Ice Cream Serving Supplies
  • Soft Serve Supplies
  • Storing and Dipping Supplies
  • Waffle Cone Supplies


Whether your ice cream business is closing, expanding, relocating, or moving in an entirely new direction, Auction Factory’s ice cream shop equipment auctions will ensure the greatest return on investment for your company.

Ice Cream Shop Equipment Auctions
Commercial Ice Cream Equipment and Supplies

How Does it Work?

When the time comes to close the doors on your ice cream or frozen yogurt shop, finding someone to purchase the existing business and all of the equipment you have acquired over the years can be challenging. However, when there are no potential buyers in sight, what’s the next best course of action? An ice cream shop equipment auction of course!

Liquidation auctions by Auction Factory provide business owners with a quick and easy solution to close their ice cream shop and recover as much value as possible from all assets involved. And in the end, who is the real person that benefits the most from an ice cream shop equipment auction? That’s right, you.

Now you are probably wondering how the Auction Factory equipment auction process works, and we’re here to give you a detailed explanation before you commit to selling your ice cream equipment.

The first step in the auction process begins with a thorough review of all assets that are up for auction. One of our auctioneers will look at our current auctions and the current market trends to give you a rough estimate on how much the frozen yogurt equipment is worth.

The ice cream shop owner can then either accept or decline the offer. If accepted, Auction Factory will pay you for the equipment on the spot and schedule a time to pick it up within 48 hours of the sale.

If you’re getting rid of the ice cream equipment anyways, why not get paid? The Auction Factory is ready to create a successful equipment auction — are you?

Why Choose Auction Factory?

For many years now, the Auction Factory has been ranked as one of the top ten restaurant auction companies across the nation. We have the experience to get our clients the most bang for their buck through well-designed and lucrative auctions.

What’s more, after the equipment sales, our machinery removal experts that are both qualified and insured to handle all types of equipment, will come out to your location to disconnect, dismantle, and transport your assets off your hands.


To learn more about the Auction Factory, our auction processes, and how you can get an estimate for assets you no longer need, please give us a call today at 888-570-1153, and we will be in touch right away! Or you can register now or contact us online!