Bakery Equipment Auctions

Donut & Bakery Equipment Auctions

Auction Factory is your premier destination when your finances are in a cinch, and you need to liquidate your surplus commercial bakery equipment and supplies FAST. Bakery equipment and supplies that Auction Factory is currently interested in buying include, but is not limited to:

  • Bakery Boxes and Containers
  • Bakery Display Cases
  • Bakery Equipment
  • Bakery Ovens
  • Bakery Pans and Cake Molds
  • Cake Decorating Supplies
  • Disposable Bakery Supplies
  • Measuring and Mixing Equipment
  • Wholesale Baking Ingredients


Donut equipment auctions and various other bakery equipment auctions, in more recent years, have become the easiest and best way to dispose of any and all unwanted assets and still receive maximum profits. With auctions courtesy of Auction Factory, there are no holding costs, loopholes, or tricks; just cold, hard cash for your bakery equipment!

Whether your company is closing, relocating, or moving in a new direction, contact Auction Factory to learn more about our bakery equipment auctions today!


Bakery Equipment Auctions
Commercial Bakery Equipment and Supplies


Benefits of Using Auction Services to Liquidate Bakery Assets

Running a business can be challenging, especially in the baked goods industry. It can be hard to differentiate yourself as the best baker in town in such an overcrowded market, which causes a lot of bakeries to shut down after only a couple of years. So when the time finally comes to close your doors for good, the next step is going to be liquidating all of the company’s assets. While you could try and sell each and every item on your own, an auction might be your best option.

Why should you consider selling your bakery and donut equipment through an auction versus selling the equipment yourself? We have three good reasons for you below.

  • Saves A TON of Time: As we said, you can try to sell all of your leftover bakery equipment, but that could take a long time. An experienced auction company can hold one bakery equipment auction and have everything sold ten times faster than selling each item one by one.
  • A Much Larger Pool of Potential Buyers: How many bakery owners do you currently know that are looking for old and used up bakery equipment? Probably not too many, right? Leave it to the auction experts here at Auction Factory to take your unwanted bakery equipment off your hands and into a new home almost immediately.
  • Most, if Not All, Assets Get Sold: Bakery and donut equipment auctions can be very similar to yard sales if done correctly. The price has to be just right to attract buyers. This is where hiring an auction company can be highly beneficial. We know what it takes to sell every asset.


Sell With the Auction Factory Today

We have completed thousands of auctions and have built many great relationships with our clients and bidders for more than a decade. If you are looking to liquidate your business equipment and supplies, we are ready to help you find an interested buyer!


To get started, check out our current auction. To contact us, please call 888-570-1153 or contact us online today.